Android Disable Absolute Bluetooth Volume

Android Disable Absolute Bluetooth Volume. Bluetooth headphones are incredibly popular, and there are many models available on the market. Many Android smartphones have replaced the 3.5 jack with Bluetooth, and smartphone users love their Bluetooth headsets.

Android allows users to change the bluetooth volume using a special app, as well as on the phones interface in the volume icon.

If you want to learn more about how to turn off absolute volume on Android, or how to turn off absolute volume on your bluetooth, keep reading. I will explain both of these techniques, so check this out!

What is android disable absolute bluetooth volume?

The Bluetooth volume can be adjusted by Bluetooth technology on Android devices newer than 6. Additionally, Android 6 and newer features a unique absolute Bluetooth volume. In this case, the user can adjust both Bluetooth volume and the device’s volume at the same time.

When using Android Bluetooth volume control, it’s unnecessary to press any buttons on the Bluetooth device you’re connecting to. This means that when users increase the volume on their Android device, the Bluetooth device’s volume will also increase. Likewise, when users decrease the volume, this will decrease the Bluetooth device’s volume.

To learn more about how to disable the volume on Android devices, read the article further. This feature can be used with Bluetooth speakers, speakers, and even Bluetooth headsets.

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Why Do You Need To Disable Absolute Bluetooth Volume?

The idea of an automatic volume control through Bluetooth devices is amazing and convenient for Android users. However, some complain that it’s a problematic feature that causes audio control issues. Some even claim that this makes their audio worse, while others claim it causes their audio to fluctuate. As a result, many Android users disable this feature. Additionally, some claim that this feature causes the audio from their Bluetooth device to jump around.

Many Android users believe it’s impossible to disable their Bluetooth volume control feature. However, this belief is incorrect; there is a step-by-step method in the article for removing absolute Bluetooth volume control from devices.

How to disable absolute volume on android?

How to disable absolute volume on android

When using Bluetooth on Android devices, absolute volume settings are disabled at first. This makes it seem impossible to actually do. However, I want to demonstrate how to disable absolute volume settings on Android in a few easy steps.

Activate Developer Option

Before adjusting bluetooth volume, I need to explain Android developer options. All Android users can turn on developer options. Since this is a disabled option in the field, you have to enable it and become a manual developer. Here are the steps you can follow to enable developer options:

  • Find the Settings option on your phone.
  • Select About phone.
  • Find model options or manufacturer options.
  • Click on a model option.
  • Then you will see the message “You are a developer!”.
  • After this level, you need to exit the configuration and start another process.
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Disable Absolute Volume Control Bluetooth On Android

  • Turn off Bluetooth
  • Then open the settings.
  • Find the System option and tap on it.
  • Select Developer.
  • Go downstairs and find the network option.
  • Right below that option, you’ll find the option to Disable Absolute Volume.
  • Here you can turn on Turn off absolute volume and report the problem.

Is it necessary to disable absolute Bluetooth volume control?

Some people believe this is a useful feature. They argue that turning off absolute Bluetooth volume control on the phone is a bad idea.

They believe this would be inconvenient when Bluetooth devices need volume adjustments. Instead of turning off absolute Bluetooth volume control, these people recommend using a Bluetooth controller.

When adjusting the volume of Bluetooth earphones, it’s sometimes necessary to disable absolute Bluetooth volume control.

Doing this requires pressing a button multiple times, which is painful to the ears. Instead, when Bluetooth earphones are close to the user, they can adjust the volume relative to their phone’s volume.

This is possible by lowering the volume on their phone to zero. This also allows users to adjust the volume of Bluetooth speakers that are far from them without having to walk to them.


The answer to the question ‘What is Android Disable Absolute Bluetooth Volume’ can be found above. Additionally, if you are looking for an Android device trick, read the above information.

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By disabling Bluetooth on Android, users gain the ability to control the volume of their connection. This is accomplished by following the steps outlined in the first paragraph of this article. However, doing so disables the ability to use Bluetooth in the future.

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