Five Pet Health Insurance Plans Are Compared

A Comparison of Five Pet Health Insurance Plans. When evaluating pet insurance quotes, make sure to pay attention to more than the base price. You should also check what type of care is covered by the plan, any caps on expenses per year, and any deductible that pet owners are expected to pay. Additionally, pet owners should research what discounts are available when they purchase insurance through particular vendors. By doing this, pet owners can ensure they’re receiving a quality plan at a reasonable price.

Small businesses provide pet health insurance for a limited number of companies. Some of the most popular pet insurance providers are Pets Best Pet Insurance, ShelterCare, Pets Health and PetCare.

Pets Best Pet Insurance costs $32.00 a month or $384.00 a year. This insurance covers pet sterilization if pet owners also purchase a wellness plan. Pets Best will not cover any pre-existing medical conditions in pets; it’s recommended that owners insure their pets early in life before any problems occur. Pets Best will pay up to $99,750 per pet with a $75 deductible. Pet insurance from Pet’s Best covers cancer in animals. Additionally, pet-related discounts are available.

There is a company called Veterinary Pet Insurance that offers pet owners insurance plans. These plans come with a $50 deductible and cover cancer and sterilization for a pet insurance fee of about $20 a month. Some of these plans have a $14,000 annual cap that can be paid by pet owners. Additionally, the company doesn’t accept pre-existing conditions and doesn’t offer multi-pet discounts.

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For $29.95, pet owners can purchase ShelterCare insurance for their pets. This pet insurance provides cancer treatments without a deductible and covers pets without any pre-existing conditions. However, it won’t cover pet sterilization. ShelterCare offers several discounts for pet owners with multi-pet plans, medical services, and microchips. They don’t have a maximum benefit cap.

PetsHealth is a pet health insurance company that provides pet policies through Pets Insurance Company. PetsHealth charges pet owners $37.17 per month; this is the price after the 90-day pre-existing condition policy is applied. Once a pet has coverage through PetsHealth, it can cover up to 80% of the pet’s vet bills after a $100 deductible is paid. Additionally, PetsHealth has an annual cap of $13,000. PetHealth gives pet discounts when multiple animals are purchased. They also provide case-by-case pet insurance for cancer.

PetCare is a pet health insurance company that offers pet health insurance plans with a $50 deductible. Their estimates suggest that the average cost of a pet insurance plan is $29.95 per month. PetCare covers the cost of cancer treatments, but they don’t cover any pre-existing conditions and they won’t cover pet sterilization. They also offer discounts for multi-pet plans and medical services.

Extra insurance riders aren’t included in the estimated monthly prices from these insurance companies.

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Changing policies is possible up until the time you buy a pet health insurance plan.

Before signing up for a pet health insurance plan, remember to read the fine print.

Each of these pet health insurance companies has its own website where you can get up-to-date pet health insurance quotes on their site.

Additional pet health insurance companies have different prices, benefits, terms, and conditions. If you aren’t satisfied with the previous comparisons, you can look at other providers.

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