How to check voicemail on Android

In the article and discussion on this occasion, we will provide complete information about how to check voicemail on Android.

Someone left you a really important message via voicemail. How do you access it? You can click on the voicemail notification to access it, but what if you accidentally swipe that notification? There are three easy ways to check voicemail on Android devices. Let’s check them out!

How to check voicemail on Android by calling in?

One of the easiest and oldest ways to check voicemail on Android devices is to connect to the voicemail service. Open the Phone app on your Android device, open the numeric keypad, then touch and hold the number 1 to automatically select your voicemail service.

Some smartphones will have a small voicemail icon under 1 to indicate that this is the number you have to access the voicemail service. Rest assured, however, that if you don’t see this icon, holding down the number 1 will still take you to your mailbox.

Assuming you’ve previously set up a voicemail service, you’ll need to enter a PIN to listen to and manage your voicemails. If you haven’t already, check out our simple guide to setting up voicemail.

If you are not near your phone or your phone has broken and you need to check voicemail, you can easily check it from another phone. Dial your phone number from another phone and wait for the “Please leave a message” recording. When you hear it starting to play, tap the asterisk (*) symbol on the keyboard. You will be asked to enter your voicemail PIN, then you will have full access to your voicemail inbox to listen to, delete and save voicemails.

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How to check voicemail on Android with Visual Voicemail

If you have visual voicemail enabled on your Android device, you can check your voicemail here. Search your applications for and open Visual Voicemail. You will be able to see all your latest voicemails and manage them easily.

Since visual voicemail is, well, visual, it’s much easier to search your voicemails. You don’t have to wait for the automatic menu and come back if you make a mistake.

If you don’t have visual voicemail turned on and you want to change it, it’s very easy to do. On some Android devices, you can open the Phone app, tap the more or three dots in the upper-right corner, tap Settings> Voicemail, and turn on Visual Voicemail.

On my Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra, I cannot access Visual Voicemail via the Phone app settings. I have a separate Visual Voicemail application that I had to enable to see my voicemails listed. Go to phone settings> Applications> Visual Voicemail and give the application permission to access call logs, contacts, etc.

Check voicemail on Android with a third party app

You can also check voicemail on Android devices using a third-party visual voicemail app such as Voxist.

Voxist is a completely free visual voicemail app that will do exactly what your operator’s visual voicemail app will do. The really cool thing about Voxist is that it can turn voicemail into text. So, if you don’t have the time or are unable to listen to your voicemail, you can read what someone left on your voicemail. You can even ask the app to send you a transcript email when someone leaves a voicemail.

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Now you know how to easily check voicemail on any Android device in three different ways. Choose the way that suits you best and never miss an important message again!

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