How to Fix a Window That Won’t Stay Up | A window that won’t stay up causes a lot of trouble for homeowners. The problem occurs when air circulation is blocked by a closed window. Most homes need air to stay cool and comfortable during the summer and winter. However, a window that won’t stay up keeps the air from reaching your home. This is why you need to understand how to fix a window that won’t stay up.

Window closures keep out unwanted air, dust, and cold. The most common cause of a non-operating window is inadequate ventilation in your home. Leaks and dampness can reduce the amount of fresh air inside your home. Plus, airborne debris blocks the windows from opening properly. You can easily solve any window problem by using a rope or chain to pull the window up and down. This allows you to remove any objects blocking the opening and allowing air circulation inside your home.

You should also use ceiling fans to pull in fresh air from outside your home. You can create a crosshatch of ventilation points with ceiling fans, dehumidifiers, and a water source hose. An alternative is to mount a small misting system on a hose and place it near your windows. The cold mist will cool down your home as it pulls in cool outdoor air and discharges it back outside your windows. Your home will stay comfortable all year long without needlessly blocking the needed airflow.

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A broken bone needs to be splinted to keep it from moving out of place. Instead of forcing yourself back together again, learn how to fix a window that won’t stay up. You can do this by using wooden strips or plastic wrap around the broken part. This constrains the injured area so it can heal without further trauma or interference from unbroken tissue around the break site. For example, if you broke your arm, you’d use a splint to keep it in place while healing at an easy pace. The same concept applies to broken bones in windows that won’t stay up: constraining broken parts keeps things from getting worse and allowing for quick repairs.

A non-operating window causes trouble for homeowners in many ways- especially during the summertime when your home is hottest. You can easily solve this problem by increasing ventilation and using splints to keep broken bones stable. Anyone living in an overheated environment should consider elevating their home using solar panels or a wind turbine system as well as adding A/C units as necessary cooling measures for their homes. Having an easy solution for non-operating windows makes summers more bearable!

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