How to Turn Safe Mode On and Off on Android

Android users can turn on or off Safe Mode with the following steps. The articles in this wiki suggest starting your Android device in Safe Mode to locate the problem if apps frequently crash or run slowly when the device is powered on. However, this method won’t solve the problem— it’s just meant to help you determine what the issue is caused by.

Reboot in Safe Mode

Please follow the steps below:

Press and hold the sleep or power button until the power menu appears on the device screen.

Click Restart. The device is turned off and on again.

Reboot in Safe Mode

If there is no Restart option in the menu, select Shut Down.

The device turns off after a few seconds. When the screen is completely dark, press the Sleep or Power button repeatedly until the logo appears on the screen.

After turning on the device, test it to see if it still has problems.

Why should I use Android in Safe Mode?

If the device works fine in safe mode, the hardware is not causing the problem and an app is likely the cause. In this case, the device does not need to be repaired or replaced, but you do need to find out which application is faulty.

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If you don’t get Safe Mode option

Not all Android devices boot into safe mode in the same way. Some manufacturers, like Samsung, have slightly different versions of Android, and older devices work differently because they have an older version of Android.

If the first attempt to boot into Safe Mode fails, try the following methods:

  • If holding down the power button in the power menu doesn’t prompt you to enter safe mode, tap and hold the reset button. Older versions of Android use this method to enter safe mode.
  • On Samsung devices and some older Android devices, restart the device using the instructions above and watch if the logo appears on the screen after restarting the device. With the logo on the screen, press the volume down button on the side of the device. The words in safe mode appear at the bottom of the screen after fully booting.

What to do in Safe Mode

If your device runs faster or freezes in safe mode, an app is likely causing the problem. To fix this, determine which app is to blame and then uninstall it.

What to do in Safe Mode

To determine which app needs to be uninstalled, take a look at a few likely suspects:

  • Apps that start automatically when the device starts up: These apps include Android widgets, such as the clock or calendar, and custom home screen apps.
  • Recently downloaded apps: If you’ve recently noticed the problem, the cause is probably an app you recently purchased or updated.
  • Non-essential applications: If you remove applications that load at startup and applications that you recently downloaded or updated, uninstall applications that you do not use regularly.

Note: Apps may not run in Safe Mode, but you can uninstall them there. Uninstall applications in Safe Mode then restart to test the device.

Still having trouble in Safe Mode?

If you’re booting into Safe Mode and are still having problems, you haven’t run out of a new phone or tablet yet. Using safe mode narrows down the cause of the problem to your operating system or hardware.

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The next step is to factory reset your device which will erase everything, including all your personal settings.

Warning: Restoring the device to its factory default settings will uninstall all applications and delete all data. Back up your data before doing this.

If you reset your Android device to factory settings and are still having problems, it’s time to repair or replace it.

How to Exit Safe Mode

To exit Safe Mode, restart your device following the instructions above. By default, Android starts up in normal mode. If your device starts up in safe mode, restarting it should bring it back to normal.

If you restart and your Android is still in safe mode, then Android has detected a problem with the application that starts automatically at startup or in one of the core files of the Android operating system. To resolve this issue, remove startup applications such as custom home screens and widgets. Then restart your device.


How to remove Safe Mode from Android phone?

You can exit Safe Mode and go back to Default Mode, but Safe Mode cannot be removed.

How to open applications in Safe Mode?

The application cannot be opened in safe mode.

How do I exit Safe Mode on my Android TV?

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Open Quick Settings and go to Settings> System> Restart> and Restart to confirm. The TV should automatically exit from safe mode after restarting.

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