What Makes the iPhone Different?

What Makes the iPhone Different. When purchasing a new cell phone, there are countless models to choose from. The biggest challenge is finding a compatible phone that fits your cellular provider. Once you enter the realm of smart phones, options are limited again due to higher end technology that comes with a higher price tag. The iPhone is one of many smart phones available. Instead of choosing between different models, though, consider why the iPhone is superior to other smart phones like Blackberries.

The Apple iPhone has a touch screen; other phones have touch screens as well. However, most other smart phones have keypads instead of a touchscreen. The popularity of the iPhone is largely due to its touch screen feature. Touchscreens are much more convenient than keypads. They allow users to sort through main screens, find contacts, text and browse the internet with ease. Men especially appreciate this because many keypads are too small to be practical. Furthermore, you won’t lose a touchscreens stylus. Everything is done with a brush of the finger. The iPhone stands out from other sophisticated smart phones because of its ease of use. Simply touching the screen with a finger allows you to page through options and select items. Additionally, adjusting volume and other settings can be done with just a few touches.

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The iPhone is famously known for its plethora of features. Some people have referred to it as a ‘mack daddy phone.’ What differentiates the iPhone from other smartphones is the fact that it has a lot of features other phones don’t have. The Apple iPhone is unique because of all the different features it provides. These features include photography, GPS navigation, emailing, texting, music and movies. The iPhone even has great call quality. Having all of these features in a single device is appealing because it eliminates the need for a PDA, MP3 player, camera, cell phone and GPS system.

There are some negative differences between the iPhone and other smartphones. First, the iPhone is only compatible with AT&T cell service. If you live in an area with poor or no AT&T service, you won’t be able to use an iPhone. Additionally, it can only be purchased from apple or from AT&T. One significant difference between the iPhone and other cell phones is the battery. The battery can’t be replaced; thus, anyone with a dead battery would need to buy a new phone. Considering that iPhones cost approximately $500, this isn’t great news for anyone. The iPhone has no slots for memory cards; therefore, it can’t be expanded in any way. It comes in 6 GB, 8 GB, or 16 GB versions. Anyone who runs out of space on their phone will need to remove some of their apps or photos. Apple should have performed more research when considering this matter. Teenagers who love music and video content can empty 8 gigabytes of memory incredibly fast.

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The iPhone is unique because of its versatility and ease of use. Although the iPhone isn’t perfect, Apple did a great job making it. Anything created by anyone will have flaws, after all.

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