Why is TikTok Account Blocked? This is the cause!

Are you currently having problems, where your TikTok account cannot be opened? If yes, it could be because your TikTok account has been blocked. Then, what causes a TikTok account to be blocked? To know the answer, please read the article that the editor has prepared below to the end.

As we know, Tiktok is one of the short video-sharing applications that are quite popular and loved by most users in the world.

On the TikTok platform itself, there are rules and policies that users must comply with when using the application.

If caught violating, then the sanction is that your TikTok account could be blocked and you can no longer access the platform.

In addition, there are several other things that can also be the cause of why a TikTok account can be blocked. For more details, please see the detailed review below.

List of Causes of Blocked TikTok Accounts

If you are a user of the TikTok application, you must understand the following things which are some of the causes of your TikTok account being blocked.

1. Account Owners Are Underage

Tiktok account owners who are still underage are one of the causes of blocking Tiktok accounts. This is due to Tiktok’s policy, that the account owner must be 13+ years old.
Tiktok still gives freedom to users with parental supervision.

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2. Existence of Fraud Elements

Complaints from other users due to fraud against customers or other fraud.
The report can be received and followed up by Tiktok, if the account really violates Tiktok’s policies, the account will automatically be blocked.

3. There are Signs of Hacking

Tiktok accounts can be blocked when there are several attempts to log in using the account. Tiktok will block an account that tries to log in from various devices.

It’s the same as if you enter the wrong ATM PIN several times and the ATM can be automatically blocked.

4. The existence of content that invites crime or provocation

One of the causes of blocking a Tiktok account is content that is provocative and invites crime.

This is one of Tiktok’s policies to protect users of this application. Tiktok parties are able to detect the content of a video before publishing

5. Campaigning for the Use of Alcohol, Drugs, or Other Illegal Drugs

The next cause of Tiktok accounts being blocked is video content that campaigns for the use of alcohol, drugs, and other hard and illicit drugs by other Tiktok users.
Content like that can have a bad influence on the account or other Tiktok users.

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6. The presence of Spam in Comments, Messages, and Videos

Spam messages or comments that you make to other account users can be the cause of your account being blocked.
This can be a complaint from that party to Tiktok, and cause the account to be blocked.

7. Intimidation or Harassment in Content

Owner content whose material contains harassment or intimidation of other parties can also be the cause of blocking the account.
This is an action from Tiktok against users of this application who violate the policies that have been set.

Types of Blocking Tiktok Accounts Tiktok

users can be blocked due to account errors and misuse and can harm other parties. There are several types of sanctions given by Tiktok to accounts that violate. These types include the following:

Blocking by Other Users

One of the sanctions for users who violate is blocking from other users.
When you upload a video whose material some other account users have complained about, the system will block your account.

Ban Tiktok Shadow

The next sanction that can be received by accounts violating the Tiktok policy is the shadow ban on Tiktok. This sanction is marked by the video from the violator’s account that cannot be seen by other accounts.
The opportunity to be recommended by Tiktok is also lost.

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Administrative Blocking

The last sanction is administrative blocking. If you want to upload video content, Tiktok can find out before publishing the content.

This sanction is in the form of the deletion of videos by Tiktok, and warnings and account blocking for up to several hours.

In an effort to avoid being blocked, you can understand some of the causes of Tiktok accounts being blocked and use the application properly and wisely. Thanks to visiting our site Suntamah.com.

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